gate-safe-200The latest HSE guides and requirements have left most gates systems non-compliant. We can help you with your obligation to comply by offering full safety checks of your gates. This link takes you to the relevant page on the HSE website. Fort Knox Security was one of the very first companies in the UK to join the Gate-Safe organisation who’s website’s FAQ page can be found here. As part of the requirements you must have your gates regularly serviced, in which case we will safety check the gates too.

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Faulty automatic gates are unacceptable. Employ a gate safe company to make sure your gates comply with current legislation and are SAFE.

Yes, everyone needs to comply. The gate should be upgraded to ensure safe operation. Prosecution could be sought in the case of accident or injury. We can check your gates and send a quote for whatever is required.
Probably. Historically the regulations were not clear, the safety equipment not available and the rules never enforced. As a result most installers would fit gates that were at the time acceptable but now need upgrading. Some rogue companies still fit unsafe gates!
As a commercial body the HSE guides are law. As an end user you have a duty of care to ensure that the gate is safe and that any users of the gate can operate it safely. In the event of an accident you would be liable as the owner/operator of a defective machine.
It’s difficult to know if your gate complies without knowing the regulations very well. It’s always best to call us for a free safety check. Better still, if they are due for a service, ask us to come and service the gates in which case we will carry out a safety check too.
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