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Stuck Open  

The gate may think there is something in the way and won’t close until it has cleared, there may not be anything apparent in the way but there may be something blocking the safety beam signal…Check Safety beams by waving a hand in front of them… 
If there is no light inside the safety beam or they do not “click” when you wave a hand in front of them, open them up, give them a gentle clean with a soft brush, pop the cover back on and see if the gates close as normal. 
If you can see a light or hear them click then the fault is elsewhere… 
Do you have a hold open switch to keep the gates open and stop them closing… 
Do you have a code on your keypad to hold the gates open during busy periods… 
If unsure give us a call and one of our friendly automatic gate engineers can come and sort it out! 

Stuck Closed  

Firstly follow the procedure above and check the safety beams. 
Check there is power to the gates… if you have an intercom, check this is working. Have a look at the mains fuse board, see if this has somehow tripped. 
Replace the batteries in any fobs/transmitters 
Any gate system we have installed will have a mechanical release with the use of a key, use this to manually open the gates and if the above problems still persist call Fort Knox Security to come and have a look. 


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